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What is a Sri atm ?

Sri atm is binance chain base token and sriatm has already started expanding its sriatm coin to around 25 countries and we aim to expand our crypto exchange machining to a number of countries around the world in a very short period of time and thereby facilitate your cash withdrawals.And also we are think to make a crpyto exchange house for the world. And we are aiming to make a Sriatm coin wallet for the sake of people not only sri lankan but also all the people in the world. finally we are think to expand this coin all over the world very quickly. so it is clear that, this project is very productive one and any one can invest to this without any hesitate.


Who we are

The new coin we introduce,the sriatm coin,is set to be rolled out to 25 countries in the near future.And also we aim to expand our crypto exchange machining to a number of countries around the world within a short period of time.By that we aim to make it easier for you to get your money.Furthermore making crypto exchange we aim to create a exchange house in Sri Lanka and thereby provide a superior and more efficient service to our clients.Through all these our main objective is to give the people of Sri Lanka a better understanding of the crypto gurantee and thereby improve your quality of life

Our Mission & Vission


Our mission is develop low free platform and Create crypto exchange house around the world And we are aiming sriatm exchange & wallet And rise people economy smartly


Our Vission is Complete crypto knowledge from children to adults and develop Sri Lanka's economy with decentralized funds


ATM Machine

As one of our objectives as Sriatm crypto Currency operators, we have decided to introduce crypto atm maching for the first time in Sri Lanka. As a first step, we intend to launch crypto atm machines in densely populated areas of Sri Lanka in collaboration with leading commercial banks in Sri Lanka. After the first phase of this project our aim is to expand the crypto atm machine within all city limits of Sri Lanka within a short period of time.As the final step, we aim to expand crypto atm machining in developing countries around the world to promote economic growth and strengthen the economy, and the fee charged for all transactions at these ATM machines will be credited to our sriatm coin promotion. ... This will further increase the price of Sri atm coin and we intend to carry out all these projects with the proceeds.In this way, in countries where crypto has not yet spread, the introduction of the crypto atm machine will connect crypto currency and new groups. Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing digital currencies in the world and the value of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day.Thus,our main aim is to expand the crypto atm machine in all countries where have not yet expanded the crypto atm machine.

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Services and specials that we offer you from sriatm wallet= As sriatm squid we are ready to create the first crypto wallet in Sri Lanka.And here is how to swap the latest crypto currency,our sriatm as an online currency.we are ready to facilitate you to store our crypto currency in your sriatm wallet and to withdraw money to your hand more efficiently through our payment methods.

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Exchange House

Another major objective that our sriatm team hopes to achieve is the creation of our crypto exchange house in Sri Lanka. This introduces us to a highly trusted and secure software that allows us to buy and sell crypto and to encrypt and market crypto to other cryptos.We hope to do this at a very low cost and all of these fees will be credited to the development of Sri Atm coin. The market value here will continue to rise. You can convert any crypto currency you have to any crypto currency and use any crypto currency here for trading purposes. ... Our sole objective is to promote the sale or purchase of crypto currency, which is not yet popular in Sri Lanka. This will bring in a large amount of foreign exchange into Sri Lanka.We look forward to working to ensure the safety of our exchange house by introducing a new blokchain technology to protect it and our next goal is to take this to the international level after this expansion in Sri Lanka.

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Token Share

Tokenomics Statistics

Farms & pools 50,000,000,00 ATM 50%
Promotion 20,000,000,00 ATM 20%
Team & Advisors 15,000,000,00 ATM 15%
Pre sale 10,000,000,00 ATM 10%
Airdrop & whitelist distribution 5,000,000,00 ATM 5%